Space Marine Titles

On Space Marine ranks and titles

Members of the Adeptus Astartes can carry many titles, but when referring to another marine, many prefer to use the simpler titles which almost work as “ranks” within the Adeptus Astartes. All loyal marines, regardless of their chapter, consider each other “brothers.” Beyond this, many qualifiers are appended to “Brother” when referring to another marine in a formal context. When speaking or referring to each other, marines typically use “Brother Last name” as a common epithet. For example, one would refer to Duncan MacKay as “Brother MacKay” when one is speaking to him or about him in his presence. “Brother Last name” is also used in any other informal context a marine may find himself in.

In formal communications, however, the full “ranks” are used, as High Gothic is much more stringent in its rules. Each full marine is considered a “Battle-Brother” once they have passed the initiate phase (usually served as a Brother-Scout in many chapters). Note the hyphen and capital letters in the rank. Battle-Brother is only the lowest “rank” a space marine has. Some functions and positions are outside the rank structure, but are still referred to in a marine’s rank as a sign of respect. Below lists the many common formal variations of rank.

  • Battle-Brother: A fully inducted Space Marine into most chapters. Use this when the marine has no other title or rank.
  • Brother-Sergeant: Any marine that serves or has served as the Sergeant of a squad of marines. If more than one is in a squad, this is reserved for the current Sergeant. All others revert to Battle-Brother.
  • Brother-Apothecary: An example of function being referred to in rank.
  • Brother-Techmarine: Similar to the above, the function is referred to in rank.
  • Brother-Captain: Used in many Space Marine chapters. In the Deathwatch chapter, however, this is replaced with Watch Captain, with no hyphen. The shortened form would be Captain Last name.
  • Brother-Librarian: Again, an example of function referred to in rank.
  • Brother-Chaplain: Yet another example of function referred to in rank.
  • Watch Commander: In the Deathwatch chapter, Watch Commanders are the highest rank in a given sector. With such a decentralized command, this is also the highest rank available, though the title “Master of Descriptor” is actually the highest ranking member in a sector. Commander Last name would be the shortened form. An example is Watch Commander Mordigael, Master of the Vigil in the Jericho Reach.

Notes: When referring to two or more marines of different “rank” the term Battle-Brother is used. For example: when referring to both Brother-Techmarine Jaeger and Battle-Brother Geirlav, one would use Battle-Brothers Jaeger and Geirlav. Battle-Brother is always considered respectful, though if a marine has another rank, it is preferred.

Masters Note: These rules do not apply to masters of a chapter, who will be referred to, typically, as “Master Last name” or “Master-Function Last name.” For example, Master-Librarian Tigurius, or Master-Chaplain Grimaldus.

Space Marine Titles

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