Angels of Terror

Angels of Terror
Warcry “Never forget, never forgive!”
Founding 38th Millennium
Successors of Dark Angels
Successor Chapters None
Number I
Primarch Lion El’Johnson
Chapter Master Grand Master Belial
Chapter Strength Less than 100 Marines
Homeworld Fleet-based
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colors Unknown

The Angels of Terror are a fleet-based chapter specializing in drop pod assaults of incredible ferocity. A recent tragedy has left the chapter numbering less than 100 brother marines, putting the chapter’s ultimate fate in extreme doubt.

Chapter History

Wiped out by Hive Fleet Hydra

Chapter Organization

Use something like S.E.R.Es training (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) for chapter recruitment test. Drop onto hostile feral planet, make them survive 2 weeks against indigenous cannibal population.

Game Rules

Chapter Demeanor: Purity Above All
Genetic Mutation: The Angels of Terror have a pure gene seed, like their progenitory.
Attribute Bonuses: The Angels practice a tough training regime, even for Space Marines, as each recruit comes from a different world. They receive + 2 Wounds, and + 5 Ballistic Skill.
Solo Mode Ability: The Angels of Terror face a myriad of threats, and so greatly prize learning and ability. They may re-roll failed Dodge and Navigation (Surface) tests. (Rites, pg. 32)
Chapter Attack Pattern: Taking a cue from their progenitors, the Angels of Terror use the Sustained Suppression Attack Pattern. (Core, pg. 222)
Chapter Defensive Stance: Due to their lightning drop pod assaults, the Angels of Terror practice a highly mobile manner of defense, using every mistake of their enemy to cross ground. They use the Swift Advance Defensive Stance. (Rites, pg. 33)
Advancement Table: They use the No Respite for the Enemy Advances table in the Rites of Battle book, pg. 42.
Chapter Trappings: The Angels of Terror use the Dark Angels Chapter Trappings, replacing the Ceremonial Sword with a Chainsword.

Angels of Terror

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