Space Marine Implants

Implants given to a Space Marine during initiation.


Secondary Heart/Ossmodula/Biscopea/Haemastamen: These implants all contribute to give the marine the Unnatural Strength (x2) and Unnatural Toughness (x2) Traits.

Larraman’s Organ: Space Marines do not suffer from Blood Loss, unless struck by a Warp Weapon. Also grants the True Grit Talent (included on character page).

Catalepsean Node: Space Marines do not suffer penalties to Awareness tests due to being awake for long periods of time.

Preomnor: Grants a + 20 bonus to any Toughness test against ingested poisons.

Omophagea: Space Marines may gain a Skill or Skill Group at the Basic level by eating a portion of an enemy. This bonus lasts for a number of hours equal to the marine’s Intelligence Bonus.

Multi-Lung: May re-roll failed Toughness Tests for drowning or asphyxiation. Also gain a + 30 bonus to Toughness Tests to resist the effects of gases, and may re-roll failed results. The marine may also breathe water through is multi-lung.

Occulobe: Grants the marine the Heightened Senses (Sight) Talent (included on character page).

Lyman’s Ear: Grants the marine the Heightened Senses (Hearing) Talent (included on character page).

Sus-an Membrane: May enter suspended animation by meditating for 1d5 rounds. The marine will automatically enter suspended animation if they are knocked unconscious by Critical Damage. It requires a Hard (-20) Medicae Test to revive the marine. In suspended animation his wounds will not deteriorate or heal.

Oolitic Kidney: May re-roll failed Toughness Test to resist poisons and toxins, including attacks with the Toxic Quality.

Neuroglottis: May detect poisons or toxins by taste with a Challenging (+ 0) Awareness Test. May also detect poisons or toxins by smell with a Hard (-20) Awareness Test. Gain Tracking as a trained skill (included on character page), and gain a + 10 bonus to any Tracking tests against an opponent the marine has tasted.

Mucranoid: May re-roll failed Toughness Tests from temperature extremes.

Betcher’s Gland: Space Marines may spit acid as a ranged attack with the profile (Range: 3m; Damage 1d5; Pen 4; Toxic). If the marine gains three or more Degrees of Success on the test, he may also blind the opponent for 1d5 rounds. Also, marines may chew through almost any non-living substance.

Progenoids: Retrieving these glands requires a Difficult (-10) Medicae Test. Requires 1 round, with 1 round added for each degree of failure.

Black Carapace: Allows Space Marines exceptional control over their power armor. Though they are Hulking in power armor, they do not grant the + 10 bonus to hit to enemies targeting them.


Space Marine Implants

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