Astartes Power Armor

The Armor of the Angels of Death


‘Aquila’ Pattern Power Armor

Ceramite Plating: Provides AP 10 to the Body and AP 8 to all other locations.
Enhanced Strength: Increases the Battle Brother’s Strength by + 20.
Auto-Senses: Dark Sight, immune to Photon Flash and Stun Grenades, Called Shots are Half Actions, + 10 to Sight and Hearing Awareness Tests.
Osmotic Fill Life Sustainer: With the helmet on, the armor is environmentally sealed and provides oxygen for as long as it is powered.
Bio-Monitor and Injectors: Contains an internal cogitator that can detect and react to the wearer’s bio-signs. It provides the following benefits:

1. + 10 to tests resisting the Toxic Quality and similar poison effects.
2. Pain Suppressor reservoir with 6 doses. These ignore Critical Effects for 1d10 rounds.
3. If the wearer is Stunned, the effect lasts a maximum of one Round before the suit negates it.

Vox Link: Serves as a standard vox and a channel for any data transmission the suit or its wearer can access. The bio-monitor feeds data through this channel so each member of a team may monitor the vitals of all other members.
Magnetized Boots: Can be activated or de-activated.
Recoil Suppression: Can fire Basic weapons one-handed without penalties. Non-Pistols can still not be used in Close Combat.
Giant Among Men: Power Armor increases the marine’s size to Hulking. This increases base movement by 1. Black Carapace, however, negates the enemy bonus to hit. Space Marines still suffer a -10 penalty to Concealment and Silent Move.
Poor Manual Dexterity: Delicate tasks suffer a -10 penalty unless using equipment designed for Space Marines (designated “Astartes”).

Putting on power armor is a sacred ritual filled with honor and prayer. It takes 20 minutes to remove or don power armor unaided. It never takes less than 5 minutes no matter how much assistance is given as proper rituals must be observed.

Other Marks of Armor

Other Marks of power armor are still used by Space Marines. Each Mark above III will have the same abilities as those above with the following changes:

Mk. IV ‘Maximus’ Pattern: Gains a +15 Fellowship bonus when dealing with Space Marines. Armor on the Arms, Legs, and Head decreases to 7. Armor on the Chest decreases to 9. Gains 3 rolls on the Armor History tables.

Mk. V ‘Heresy’ Pattern: Gains a + 10 Fellowship when dealing with Space Marines. Suffer a -10 penalty when dealing with the Inquisition. Armor on the Chest decreases to 9. Decreases the Auto-senses bonus from the helmet to + 5. Gains 2 rolls on the Armor History tables.

Mk. VI ‘Corvus’ Pattern: Adds + 10 to Agility. Increases the Auto-senses bonus from the helmet to + 15. Armor on the Chest decreases to 9. Gains 2 rolls on the Armor History tables.

Mk. VIII ‘Errant’ Pattern: Adds + 5 to Command Tests. If the wearer is hit in the Head, roll a d10. On an 8, 9, or 10 the body is hit instead. Armor on the Chest increases to 11. Gains 1 roll on the Armor History tables.


Astartes Power Armor

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