A tiny enemy to augment Plaguebearers and other Nurgle-ites.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
25 10 (4)21 25 15 15 40

Movement: 1/2/4/8
Magnitude 30(a)
Skills: Awareness + 20(Per)
Talents: None
Traits: Daemonic (x2), Fear 1 (Disturbing), From Beyond, Improved Natural Weapons, Natural Weapons, Size (Scrawny), Warp Instability
Armor: None
Weapons: Teeth (1d10+1 R; Toxic) A victim who suffers damage from a Nurgling’s bite must pass an Ordinary (+ 10) Toughness Test or contract a disease. The victim loses 1d5 points of Toughness permanently. Remember that Space Marines re-roll failed Toughness Tests against Toxic attacks.

  • (a): Followers of Nurgle are famed for their resilience. Nurgle’s hordes discount all extra hits due to damage type. For example, X-damage weapons do not receive an extra hit, nor do Blast weapons. Flame-based weapons have their full effect. (Flame weapons inflict 1d5 hits, plus a number equal to 1/4 the range rounded up. 10 Meters away, for example would inflict 1d5+3 hits.) Power weapons still receive an extra hit.
  • (b): Due to their diminutive size, Hordes of Nurglings count as one size category smaller for the purposes of To Hit rolls. A magnitude 30 horde, is therefore size Enormous (+ /- 20) instead of Massive (+ /- 30).


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