Gunnar Geirlav

Angel's Character

Battle-Brother Gunnar Geirlav
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
55(III) 38 (10)52(I) (8)46 54(III) 41 45 44 51
In Armor
55(III) 38 (12)72(I) (8)46 64(III) 41 45 44 51

Chapter: Space Wolves
Specialty: Assault Marine
Rank: 2
Renown: 21, Respected
Total XP Spent: 17,500
Chapter Demeanor: The Sons of Russ
Personal Demeanor: Proud
Xenos Specialty: Orks
Honors and Deeds: None yet.

Movement: 5/10/15/30
Wounds: 21
Fate Points: 2
Skills: Awareness (Per), Ciphers (Chapter Runes)(Int), Climb (S), Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Deathwatch, Imperium, War)(Int), Concealment (Ag), Dodge (Ag), Drive (Ground Vehicles)(Ag), Forbidden Lore (Xenos)(Int), Intimidate (S), Literacy (Int), Navigation (Surface)(Int), Pilot + 3(Personal), Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes)(Int), Silent Move (Ag), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic)(Int), Tactics (Assault Tactics)(Int), Tracking (Int)
Talents: Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapon Training, Bulging Biceps, Deathwatch Training, Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance (Psychic Powers), True Grit, Unarmed Master, Unarmed Warrior, Catfall, Counter-attack, Double Team, Hatred (Chaos Space Marines), Heightened Senses (Smell), Swift Attack, Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Flesh Render, Lightning Reflexes
Traits: See Space Marine Implants for more. Fear (I).
Special Abilities: Wrathful Descent

Armor: Mk. 6 ‘Corvus’ Pattern Power Armor (Head 8, Arms 8, Legs 8, Body 9)
Power Armor History: Blood of the Enemy (Rites, pg. 153), To Forget is to Forgive (Core, pg. 162)
Weapons: Astartes Chainsword, Astartes Bolt Pistol, 3 frag grenades, 3 krak grenades, combat knife
Gear: Astartes jump pack, repair cement, Totem of the Sea-Wolf

Heightened Senses Bonus: + 25


The Saga of Gunnar Geirlav

Gunnar grew up in a small clan on fenris. he gained the attention of the rune priests when he lead his clan into battle during a migration to one of the few habitable islands on fenris prior to the oceans melting. He was only 16 when he took his clans warriors into the fight against a numerically superior force. During the battle he fought his way through the rival clans best warriors and stood toe to toe with the clans leader. Facing the clan leader, Gunnar bellowed a mighty war cry and charged fearlessly into him. Gunnar was wounded several times in the struggle recieving deep cuts to his chest and arms. But gunnars resolve was absolute. Using the speed and cunning of the fenrisian wolf, he charged again. He feinted to his opponents right, drawing off his defences. Then, with the skill of seasoned warrior he spun left, swapping his ax to his left hand (which is his favored). With a heavy backhand blow he buried his ax into the clan leader’s back, severing his spine. Gunnar continued to grow as a formidable warrior in his clan, winning many more battles using his strength and determination. Unknown to him, he was being watch. When he turned eighteen, the imposing figure of what he would later know as a rune priest stepped through the snowfall while gunnar was hunting. Thus began Gunnars new life, as a Space Wolf. After passing the deadly initiation, gunnar joined the ranks of the blood claws. There he was quickly recognized as proud, fearless warrior in hand to hand combat. Often forgoing any shooting and charging straight into the enemy ranks, most often hunting down the biggest, most dangerous foe he could find. This brashness found him being assigned to a sky claw pack. Now in his element, gunnar began to truely shine. He began to deeply hate orks after a mission where a group of ork nobs massacered his skyclaw pack. He and his pack fearlessly attacked the nobs from above, firing their bolt pistols and reving their chain swords as they decended into the nobs. The fighting was fierce and brutal. within a few seconds, half his pack was torn to pieces, the nobs smashing through their power armor with heavy blows from their big choppas. Gunnar instinctively sought out the leader of the nobs, the biggest ork in the group. once he had his scent, he fired his jump pack then angled his decent to land ontop of the nob. But the nob spotted gunnars shadow and as gunnar was falling, the nob swung his power claw to swat him. The claw hit gunnar in the side and sent him flying off away from the nobs. Gunnar landed hard and attempted to roll, but the pain from the gouges in his side was immense. When he stopped he looked to where his pack once stood and watch as the top nob cut the last of his pack brothers in half. Gunnar blacked out from the pain. While recovering in the apothacarium, he swore an oath to the all father to hunt down and kill every ork in the galaxy. His hatred of the orks burned hot inside him. after many battles, gunnars prowess in hand to hand combat, and his pride, were known throughout his great company. He attained the rank of grey hunter after he lead his new sky claw pack to victory over the striking scorpions of craft world uthwe. He learned to temper his rage and his brashness in the ranks of the grey hunters. He still always prefered to get in close to the enemy and would take any opportunity that presented itself to dispatch his opponents with his chain sword. when the deathwatch came to the wolves of fenris requesting a close combat expert for their ranks, Gunnars name was the first on the list. When gunnar stood before Lord Grimnar, he swore to bring honor and glory to his chapter, and to the all father. Lord Grimnar had heard of the proudfull Gunnar Geirlav long befor he stepped foot into the great hall. Grimnar could see the pride burning brightly in his eyes and the combat prowess in his stance. Grimnar knew that Gunnar would hold true to his oath, or die. And so began a new chapter in the saga of Gunnar Geirlav, Warrior of Fenris, Son of Russ.

The Lictor

On Gunnar’s first mission with the deathwatch, he landed with his new team in search of foul tyrinids. Using his superior sense of smell, he guided his team through the dark passageways of the undercity. once in the under city, Gunnar caught a scent unlike any tyrinid scent he had smelled before. He alerted his team as his heightened vision spotted a distortion to their left. A lictor! Gunnar’s battle lust raged as he found himself an opponent he felt would provide a true test for his skills. When he felt that the lictor would be caught off guard, Gunnar roared his battle cry and charged into the lictor, catching it completely by surprise! with bolter rounds from his battle brothers flying all around them, hell gun fire streaking and ionising the air everywhere, the lictor had no choice but to face down the fierce gunnar. In a deperate attempt to gain some sort of advantage, the lictor lashed out at gunnar with its vile flesh hooks which bored into gunnars chest. this enraged the wolf and he used the lictors own pull to his advatage, allowing himself to be pulled into it to engage it with his chain sword. a fierce melee insued between xenos and wolf. neither willing to give an inch, neither willing to quit, neither dropping their defences! as the battle raged, gunnars battle brothers saw an opportunity to move in and take advantage of gunnars bravery. With the lictor focused soley on the wolf, two battle brothers pressed their assault flanked the lictor! Its doom was sealed! Fighting a son of russ was a mistake to begin with, but now it had two more angels of death upon it. with masterful team work, the kill team purged the foul xenos in hand to hand combat! Gunnar received some serious injuries but was not yet ready to succumb. With the apothecaries slight assistance, gunnar was once again fully prepared to face anything the tyrinids could throw at him.

The Brood Lord

After the ambush and subsequent purging of the lictor, gunnar continued to lead his team through the depths of the under city in search of more foul tyrinids. following the scent, gunnar lead his team to an ancient temple of the all father. inside they found the creature they had been hunting. A Brood Lord. Standing as tall as a space marine in power armor, with four muscular arms, the Brood Lord had gunnars full attention. The brood lord was performing some blasphemous ritual on holy ground! This raised Gunnar’s choler to the boiling point! Not only would he be purging the hated creature and defending the sanctity of this holy place, he knew he would be the pride of his chapter if he returned with the head of this abomination! but the Brood Lord was not alone. Traitorous PDF and Mutants were surrounding it, creating a barrior between gunnar and their leader. Wasting no time, Gunnar sounded the attack! as he and his team bravely charged forward, the cadians that had been attached to them came under assault by genestealers! Gunnar knew that they wouldnt last a minute under that kind of assult. Though highly trained and respected, even by the space wolves, the cadians were too small in number to defend against the ‘stealers. Despite his burning desire to destroy the brood lord, gunnar could not allow the tyrinids to kill such loyal servants of the all father. So gunnar turned and charged the assaulting genestealers! he slammed into the first, dodging rending claws and razor sharp teeth as he searched for a weakness in its defences. He found it! and with one mighty swing he cleaved the creature in half! Seeing one of the sons of russ bringing the wrath of the all father on their assailants bolstered the resolve of the cadians and they began to fire! they fired straight and true and used the cleansing power of promethium to stave back the genestealers! but one stealer evaded their firing lines with agility and speed. Gunnar knew that even one genestealer would decimate those brave men. so he charged the stealer and drove his chain ax threw its abdomin! the adamintium teeth tearing and grinding its internal organs as it bored its way through and exploded from the other side. the genestealer, stopped in its tracks turned to face gunnar. the last thing it saw was a victorious space wolf howling a victory cry as he ripped his weapon from its now lifeless form. not having to worry themselves with protecting their cadian allies, the rest of gunnars teams was able to easily defeat the pdf, mutants and the brood lord. The cleansing of yet another of the all father’s loyal worlds was complete.

A small price for victory

With the purging of the xenos threat on Atheno’s world, gunnar and his team were given a mission of grave importance. The great enemy was approaching a warp gate in their vessel known as The Onslaught. Gunnar relished the chance chance to face the great enemy once again and bring honor and glory to the forebearers of his armor. His hate for the chaos marines burned like a super nova. they boarded the enemy vessel and the touch of chaos was evident everywhere. Were they not the angels of death, blessed of the all father, harbingers of his wrath, they might have been shaken with fear at the sights they beheld aboard the abomination which was a vessel of chaos. steeling their resolve they made their way through the madness that was the Onslaught. as they mad their way to the engine room, they came under assault by the fallen space marines of chaos! gunnar used chainsword and holy bolter to dole out the all fathers wrath! felling chaos space marines by the dozen as they hacked their way through to the engine room. gunnars resolve to cleanse the galaxy of yet another of the dark powers servant vessels was stronger than ever as he and his battle brothers slew countless chaos marines! as they reached their objective to destroy the engines of the onslaught, they came face to face with a horror that few, even space marines, ever live to tell about. A greater demon of nurgle stood guard over the blasphemous engine room! in order to insure that the great enemy could not use the warp gate to spread the taint of chaos throughout imperial space, gunnars team needed to blow three of the plasma regulator controls to cause an irreversable overload in the engines. Gunnars pride demanded that he face the demon in close combat, but the mission was of utmost importance. in a show of not only great responsibility and honor, but in great skill in the art of jump pack combat, gunnar leaped from the entrance to gantry a level above where a regulator control was ungaurded by the minions of the god of pestilence. He pushed his jump pack and his skills to the limit and landed on the gantry. He pulled his melta bomb out and placed it. But the battle through the ship or the effect of so much concentrated taint of the warp must have damaged the timer on the melta bomb! it would not set! gunnar, not willing to let his honor or pride be marred by such a defeat as to let the chaos ship reach its destination, pushed the detonator in for an instant explosion to destroy his objective! the blast sent gunnar flying through the air back to the lower level of the engine room. a blast which would normally vaporize even an astartes had not killed gunnar! the all father protected gunnar for his steadfast loyalty and determination and spared his life! his battle brother apothacary ran to him and using his skills as a medic revived gunnar and began to drag him to saftey. Gunnar drew his holy bolter and, despite his grave wounds, sent four plague bearers back to the hell that spawned them, clearing a way for another battle brother to place his charge and destroy another regulator. once the three regulators were destroyed, the team fought their way back through the tainted chaos ship and reboarded their thunderhawk, their mission completed! Gunnars bravery and sacrifice did not come without a price though. while the all father spared his life for future service, gunnars leg was mangled by the melta bomb beyond repair. The skilled apothacaries had to remove it and replace it with a bionic. It is a reminder everyday to gunnar that the price of victory is never too great. It is a badge of honor and a testament to the glory and resolve of the sons of russ!

Gunnar Geirlav

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