Genestealer Broodlord

The leader of a Genestealer cult.

Genestealer Broodlord
WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
70 00 (12)60 (12)60 (12)60 30 35 50

Movement: 8/16/24/48
Wounds: 75
Skills: Awareness (Per), Climb + 10(S), Dodge (Ag), Swim (S) + 10
Talents: Ambidextrous, Fearless, Lightning Reflexes (2x Ag. bonus to Initiative), Psy Rating (5), Swift Attack, Lightning Attack
Traits: Dark Sight, Fear 3 (Horrifying), Natural Armor (Hardened Carapace), Multiple Arms, Unnatural Agility (x2), Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2), Improved Natural Weapons (Scything Talons, Rending Claws), Size (Enormous), Tyranid
Armor: Hardened Carapace (All 8)
Weapons: Scything Talons (1d10+14 R; Pen 3), Rending Claws (1d10+12; Pen 5; Razor Sharp)
Gear: None

Psychic Powers:
  • Aura of Despair: Action: Half; Opposed: No; Range: 10 meters x PR; Sustained: Yes; Description: The Broodlord may make a psychic test as a Half Action to emit this aura. All opponents of the Broodlord suffer a -10 to their Willpower. In addition, the first time any member of the kill team finds himself within the Aura of Despair, he must take a Challenging (+ 0) Willpower Test, taking the -10 penalty into account. If he fails, the squad takes 1 point of Cohesion damage. This is a mind-affecting fear-based effect, so any Talents, Traits, Equipment or other rules which offer resistance to Warp-based attacks or powers will apply.
  • Hypnotic Gaze: Action: Half; Opposed: Yes; Range: 5 meters x PR; Sustained: Yes (Willpower roll to break each turn, not opposed after first turn); Description: The Broodlord attempts to subjugate the will of a single target. The Broodlord must be able to make eye-contact with the target (a helmet will not stop this, but blindness will). If it succeeds, the target will lose all actions in the following round. In successive rounds the target may take a Half Action to “snap out of it.” If the target is successful the power is no longer in use and the target may act normally afterwards. The Broodlord may only have one target subjugated at a time.

Genestealer Broodlord

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