Twilight of the Soul

Retrieval of Subject E-10857P
Into the Hivemind


Priority Level:……Mission Update-Code Black Classification
Transmitted:……………Astrum Vindictae, Adeptus Astartes Strikecruiser, Argoth
Transmitter:……………Brother-Librarian Duncan MacKay
Receiver:……………………Astropath-terminus Pasole
Author:…………………………Brother-Chaplain Nacio
Thought:………………………Stand not on the deeds of the dead, but on your own.

Watch Commander Mordrigael,

Responding to intel from Inquisitor Sarno and as per your instructions, I have dispatched the kill team on the first of our missions on Argoth. While escorting the Inquisitor to his first meeting with the nobility, xenos technology was discovered. Brother-Sergeant Hur witnessed one of the nobility wearing an ornate Eldar shuriken pistol. Other intelligence obtained by Inquisitor Sarno has confirmed the Pathfinder’s presence within the capitol spire.

I immediately dispatched Battle-Brothers Geirlav, Tavish, and Hur into the capitol hive to retrieve the Pathfinder alive. I have ordered the kill team to utilize Deathwatch Scout recon armor to remain discrete while on their mission. I, however, have doubts as to our battle-brothers’ abilities to blend in with the human population. Each of the three seem to have poor communications skills with the standard citizenry. Within moments of arriving in the capitol spire they aroused the suspicions of local law enforcement. Through other channels I have been informed that they are currently wanted for questioning by Arbites officials.

During their preliminary investigation they were positively identified as Adeptus Astartes by a weapons smuggler named Jimmy St. Cloud. Their conversation, however, indicates St. Cloud may be a deserter from the Imperial Guard or a local PDF. Hive black market dealers are rarely known for their discretion, so I fully expect the rumor of Adeptus Astartes presence to spread quickly. At Inquisitor Sarno’s request, I have decided not to have the rumors stopped. Jimmy St. Cloud may be a contact needed in the future by either the Inquisitor or the kill team.

The battle-brothers were involved in a small altercation with unknown, but well armed assailants in the underhive. These assailants may be the people thought to be following the kill team. Unfortunately, the kill team was unable to ascertain the identity of the assailants as each was rigged with an explosive device which was triggered by their own death.

The mission is still underway, and I will update you as necessary.

Brother-Chaplain Nacio


Crippling of the Onslaught
Void Borne


Priority Level:……Mission Update-Code Black Classification
Transmitted:……………Vigilance, Sword-class Frigate, Areonis
Transmitter:……………Astropath Agent Minius
Receiver:……………………Astropath-terminus Juslionus
Author:…………………………Brother-Sergeant Marcel Renaud
Thought:………………………Your honour is your life. Let none dispute it.


The following is my report for kill team mission D52-1113-F.

GST 4.5 – Battle Brothers Alistair Tavish,Gunnar Geirlav], Otto Jaeger, Belial, Ezrakiah,Jorias Arkio and myself were summoned to the bridge of the Vigilance by Inquisitor Sarno and Brother Librarian Duncan MacKay,. Informed of the threat the Archenemy posed to the warp-gate the battle brothers of the kill team took to a vote for leadership of the mission. By unanimous decision I was elected the leader of the kill team.

GST 5.5 – Kill team 6-47-C boarded Thunderhawk Gunship Righteous Call departed the bay of The Vigilance bound for The Onslaught. During Transit the kill team 6-47-C devoted their time in prayer and reverance of the Emperor to guide and give strength to the coming mission.

MC +2 – Rigtheous Call entered the docking area of the The Onslaught. Kill team 6-47-C deployed in standard formation and proceeded to the primary objective.

MC +2.2 – Kill team 6-47-C progress was impeded by the daemon ship’s vile mutations. Once a new course of navigation was determined the squad moved out towards the primary objective.

MC +2.6 – Kill team was assaulted by daemonic host consisting of nurglings and plague bearers. The kill team engaged with bolter fire and flamer. Brother Belial, Ezrakiah, and Jorias focused on the nurglings while the rest of the kill team focused on the Plaguebearers. During the engagement Battle Brother Belial’s armour was breached by nurgling’s before being purged by holy flamer. With concentrated fire all daemons were expunged.

MC +3.25 – Due to the vigilance of our Brother Techmarine’s the kill team avoided an ambush by Renegade Marines of The Purge Chapter. The brother Techmarine’s erected cover before engaging the Purge. Due to effective use of squad assault tactics seven traitors marines were killed.

MC + 4 Kill Team arrived at the Engineseers Cathedral. Before entering the engine room Brother Mckay recited the Libation of the Emperor. When the kill team entered he engine room they were faced by

The Cleansing of Atheno's World
Trial by Fire


Priority Level:……Mission Update-Code Black Classification
Transmitted:……………Vigilance, Sword-class Frigate, Areonis
Transmitter:……………Astropath Agent Minius
Receiver:……………………Astropath-terminus Pasole
Author:…………………………Brother-Sergeant Marcel Renaud
Thought:………………………Survival is no birthright, but a prize wrested from an uncaring galaxy by forgotten heroes.


The following is my report for kill team mission A46-5314-L known to the locals as the Cleansing of Atheno’s World.

GST 13.8- Battle-Brothers Alistair Tavish, Gunnar Geirlav, Jorias Arkio. Otto Jaeger, and I recieved summons to the bridge by Inquisitor Sarno. We were briefed on the situation of mycetic spores landing on the planet of Atheno’s World in the capitol city of Erianis and recieved mission authority to cleanse the planet of the Xenos intruders. I was eleceted squad leader by my battle brothers for the execution of the mission.

GST 14.3- Kill team 6-47-C boarded the Thunderhawk Righteous Call with a kasrkin squad detached from the Cadian 83rd. I reviewed the mission parameters with Sergeant Carmine to ensure his comprehension of the task at hand. Under my leadership Kill Team 6-47-C administered the oath of the Astartes devoting the rest of the flight time to reciting lines from the Codex Astartes reciting the deeds from our own pasts.

MC +.7- Kill team 6-47-C and kasrkin arrived on Atheno’s World just outside the cathedral district. Sergeant Carmine’s men spread out to secure the drop zone from bystanders. Battle-Brothers Gunnar Geirlav and Jorias Arkio followed the trail of the Xenos to a lower basement and into the underground. I conducted an interview of the local Arbites to get more details on the Xenos planetfall. Witness reported arachnid looking aliens that headed below ground as soon as possible. No innocents were harmed during the planetfall. Brother-Apothecary Tavish inspected the remains of the mycetic spores before the PDF brought in heavy flamers to burn the remains. Arbites Pelonius provided Brother-Techmarine Otto Jaeger, with data concerning the spore’s biology.

MC +9- Kill team and kasrkin squad descended into the lower levels of suspected apartment building in search of Xenos. No contact with Xenos. It was apparent that the Tyranid’s objective was to get below ground as quickly as possible. With Battle-Brothers, Geirlav and Jaeger following the pheromone trail the kill team descended through a large access door, that was destroyed, into the vast labyrinth underneath the capitol city of Erianis.

MC +1.5 Kill team and squad ambushed by then unknown assailant two kasrkin killed. Dead were incinerated. No other injuries. I assigned Battle-Brothers Arkio and Tavish to escort the kasrkin through the rest of the mission.

MC +3- Kill team and kasrkin descended further into labyrinth via a large sewer access tunnel. Brother-Techmarine Jaegar still had a strong pheromone trail of the Xenos threat.

MC +4.5- Kill team and kasrkin discover a hole created in by Xenos threat that led into the undercity of Erianis. Upon entrance into the city I conducted an interview with a failed ministorum priest. The priest was unable to give any useful information and refused to help us in our mission. We continued to follow the pheromone trail on Brother-Techmarine Jaeger’s auspex.

MC +4.75- Contact with mutant gangers approximately 40 in number. Battle-Brothers Arkio and Jaeger took support positions with the kasrkin, while the remaining memebers of the kill team approached the mutants. Kill team and kasrkin engaged mutants inflicting heavy casualties. Mutant gangers unexpectedly stood their ground and returned fire. Eight genestealers appeared on the east flank and were engaged by the kasrkin and Battle-Brothers Arkio, Tavish, and Geirlav. A quick engagement ended with two kasrkin dead and three others injured and all mutant and Xenos threats eliminated. Kill team established protective cordon around injured while Brother-Apothecary Tavish administered treatment to Battle-Brother Geirlav and injured kasrkin. Brother-Techmarine Jaegar spotted the Xenos responsible for the ambush. Identified as Lictor-class of the Tyranid Xenos threat. Pheromone trail was established from the reamins of a dead kasrkin. Dead were incenerated. Before departure, Brother-Apothecary Tavish took genetic samples of the genestealers’ remains.

MC +5.1- Kill team and kasrkin continued down primary objective pheromone trail provided by Brother-Techmarine Jaeger. Brother-Techmarine Jaeger also kept kill team appraised on the pheromone signiature of the lictor. Private Germaine, one of the kasrkin squad, offered as bait to ambush the lictor and was given an Astartes stun grenade.

MC +5.25- Brother-Techmarine Jaegar had contact on the lictor pheromone trail and spotted the lictor approximately 30 meters from kill team and squad location. When kill team was within 15m we initiated a suprise assault using Bolter Assault from the Codex Astartes. The lictor was caught by suprise and wounds were inflicted via hellfire and regular boltgun Rounds. The lictor engaged me and sunk flesh hooks into Battle-Brother Geirlav, due to previous tactical spacing of my squad I was able to evade the lictor’s blow. I disengaged and continued to fire on the lictor while Battle-Brothers Arkio and Jaeger engaged the lictor in hand to hand combat. Due to the skill of our Brother-Techmarine and the strength in his servo-arm the lictor was soon dispatched. Brother Geirlav applied repair cement to his armor I retrieved the stun grenade from the surprised kasrkin and we continued toward our primary objective.

MC +6- Kill team and attached kasrkin squad reached the undercity’s cathedral. Upon entry it looked as if our the Emperor’s Figure was still under proper care. The lower level of the cathedral was cleared by both the kill team and kasrkin squad. A relic of the past was discovered a statue of the Emperor crafted with a pre-hersey Word Bearers seal. Unsure how to proceed regarding this point I simply submitted the statue’s discovery to you. No other actions were taken.

MC +7- Kill team and attached kasrkin squad ascended through the cathedral following the direction of Brother-Techmarine Jaeger’s pheromone tracker. When the kill team reached the lower level of the cathedral we found ourselves in a storage room in the company of a broodlord committing unknown Xenos acts to members of the planetary defense force. The kill team immediately engaged the units of the PDF and the broodlord. Battle-Brother Arkio and myself utilized metalstorm rounds in combating the PDF, decimating their ranks while the rest of the kill team supported our fire. When the PDF was routed the broodlord used a psychic call to get support in the form of mutants. These mutants were quickly dispatched by the kill team. More mutants were called along with 10 more genestealers to assist the broodlord in his defense. Brother-Apothecary Tavish issued a challenge to the broodlord and engaged to hand to hand combat while Battle-Brother Arkio lent fire support to his battle brothers engaged with genestealers. Battle-Brother Geirlav assisted in defending the shocked kasrkin and myself dispatching two genestealers. Once free I executed a genestealer with bolter fire freeing up Brother-Techmarine Jaeger to assist Brother-Apothecary Tavish in dispatching the broodlord. Once the broodlord was eliminated the kill team and remnants of the kasrkin squad eliminated the rest of the Xenos threat and executed all mutants and PDF associated with the broodlord. Brother-Apothecary Tavish attended to the wounded and took samples of, infested PDF members, infested mutants, genestealers and the broodlord. Brother-Techmarine Jaeger reported no pheromone trails that exiting the area of engagement.

MC +7.25- The kill team and kasrkin squad exited the basement and were met by Arbites Pelonius and several detachments of PDF. I briefed the Arbites on the situation in the basement and informed him of our success in cleansing the undercity.

MC +7.75- The Righteous Call arrived and kill team 6-47-C and remaining kasrkin boarded the vessel and returned to orbit.






We look forward to meeting our fellow Battle Brothers stationed in the Defense of the Emperors Domains. Emperor Protect.

Brother-Sergeant Marcel Renaud


Departing Fenksworld


Priority Level:……Mission Update-Code Black Classification
Transmitted:……………Vigilance, Sword-class Frigate, Fenksworld
Transmitter:……………Astropath Agent Minius
Receiver:……………………Astropath-terminus Ragnafar
Author:…………………………Inquisitor Garrand Sarno
Thought:………………………Brave are they who know everything and yet fear nothing.

As of 12 hours ago the Vigilance put to the stars, setting off on our voyage. I successfully collected the five “new” recruits for the Deathwatch to be delivered to the Jericho Reach. I say “new” with some irony. These brother-marines have each singly seen more battle than the senior staff combined at my schola.

Each marine arrived individually to the orbital shipyards above Fenksworld without incident. However, I have been asked to inform the Ordos Xenos and the Deathwatch that the Storm Spectres have suffered massive casualties recently and will need to suspend their oath beyond this last recruit.

Our hope that Fenksworld would be busy enough preparing Battlefleet Calixis to allow five members of the Adeptus Astartes to pass unnoticed was a foolish one. It would behoove us to remember that the Adeptus Astartes can rarely travel incognito, though I understand the Deathwatch offers advanced training in this area. We may want to consider pressing them to pass this knowledge on to each of their oath-brother chapters.

We are now off and I will update when we reach our destination at Watch Station Bellom. The Emperor Protects.



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