Twilight of the Soul

Welcome to the Jericho Reach. Sometime in your past your superiors, your company Apothecary, your company Chaplain, and your Chapter Master all decided you would bring honor to your chapter in service to the Deathwatch. They placed your name on a short list, and transmitted it to the Chapter Master of the Deathwatch. Executing a millennia-old oath, the Watch Commanders of the Jericho Reach finally activated your recruitment option. You’ve been collected from all over the Imperium, armed only with the information that you will be serving in the Koronus Expanse, a lawless new territory opened up by Rogue Traders.

This was a lie. Discovered within the Segmentum Obscurus, a massive warp storm separating the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse is the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate. A feat of archeotech engineering heretofore unknown, this gate directly and instantaneously links this area of space in the galactic northwest with the far-flung Jericho Reach, thousands of lightyears farther into the Eastern Fringe than even the Ultramarine’s influence is felt. Although the Deathwatch has always maintained at least a small contingent within the Jericho Reach, this new connection spanning the entire Imperium adds a level of danger that cannot be ignored.

Knowledge of the Warp Gate was placed under immediate Inquisitorial Seal, though information was shared with the Deathwatch. A grand Crusade was assembled, informed only that they would be traveling to the Koronus Expanse, and the Deathwatch was provided with these dubiously-abled allies in the Jericho Reach. Now, the Crusade has splintered into the three different fronts, and has met resistance from the Tau Empire, marauding Eldar Corsairs, the sons and daughters of Commorragh, and an entire Hive Fleet, Dagon. Moreover, Ork populations have been found on many planets, the minions of Chaos are ever present where Man goes, and numerous other Xenos species have come out of hiding, reacting to this Imperial Invasion.

And somewhere, slowly, an unknown mechanism ticks over and a mysterious vault offers up another artefact of unknown origin…

Twilight of the Soul

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